Events/What’s On?

All of our Music Events currently take place in our Marquee Area. The Marquee is fully covered on all sides & is very well heated. Scroll down this page to see our Music Acts and their upcoming dates at No. 3 Wine Bar & Restaurant.

When booking using our Reserve tab make sure to specify you are booking for the specific Music Event in our Marquee.

Upcoming Music Events

Jazz Music Nights with Suzanne Carla

Suzanne Carla infuses jazz, classical, gospel, soul and folk music & she holds a masters in Jazz. She has shared stages with some iconic acts such as Duran Duran, Take That, Outkast, The Dubliners, Damien Rice and Ennio Morricone the film music legend himself as well as many more. She creates atmosphere, mood and characters in her performances. You’ll be thoroughly entertained at Suzanne’s Jazz Music Nights.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Saturday November 18th at 8pm

Italian Music Nights by Evelyne Bourton

Our Italian Music Nights feature the incredible Evelyne Bourton. Evelyne is an Italian trained lyric soprano who will entertain you throughout the night. The set ranges from Classic Italian Opera to more contemporary Italian Music. Book with us to enjoy Evelyne’s outstanding vocals & her unique storytelling detailing each of her song’s background.

Upcoming Dates

  • Dates TBC

Latin Jazz Night by LR Project

Definitely don’t miss our Latin Jazz Nights with Bossa Nova Vibes featuring Brazilian Duo LR Project. LR Project are made up of Luana Matos on Vocals and Robson Rocha on Guitar. Luana’s soothing vocals in English, Spanish & Portuguese combined with Robson’s skill on the guitar provide romance & atmosphere like no other.

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday September 30th at 8pm
  • Bank Holiday Sunday October 29th at 7:30pm
  • Saturday November 11th at 8pm
  • Saturday November 25th at 8pm
  • Saturday December 16th at 8pm

Swing Music Nights by Like A Version

Book now for our next Swing Music Night featuring Like A Version! Enjoy the glamour of The Roaring 20’s with Like A Version. This group will transport you right back to the Golden Age of Jazz & Swing! Like A Version also take song requests on the night from customers.

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday December 30th

Live Lounge Nights by Soulcem Acoustic Duo

Soulcem bring a unique twist to crowd favourites from the 50s to the present day. With only two musicians Soulcem achieve the sound of a full bank. Drew’s bass and driving percussion coupled with Brénna’s powerful vocals & rhythmic guitar bring new life to both modern melodies & old classics.

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday December 2nd at 8pm

Mexican Bolero Night with Alicia Garcia

Originally hailing from Cuba, the bolero became the soundtrack to Mexico in the late 1920’s when it was embraced by musicians in the capital city. Bolero is characterised by sophisticated lyrics dealing with love. Over 100 years later Alicia Garcia brings her Mexican Bolero Music Night to No. 3 Wine Bar & Restaurant in Collon.

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday October 7th at 8pm

Soul & Easy Listening Music Night with The Ratzingers

Matt & Casey bring the Ratzingers to No. 3 Wine Bar & Restaurant in Collon with their Soul & Easy Listening Music Night. Rhythm, Soul & Blues features heavily during their sets which are guaranteed to provide you with a gorgeous Easy Listening Music Night while you dine with us. Enjoy a romantic night out, a catch up or a special occasion while Matt & Casey croon you in the background

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday October 14th at 8pm
  • Saturday December 9th at 8pm